I have no recollection of what I wrote, but it must have been good.

Almost stepped on this pillock. Didn’t even so much as flinch.

Feeding time at the coati enclosure. I asked the keepers if they’d ever hugged one. I was told they’re a bit bitey.

These frogs are deadly poisonous. But they look like M&Ms. One can’t hurt, can it? I’ve not eaten since breakfast…

Lunchtime for lemurs

Today’s activity.

I’m only halfway through my second week but already I feel Veronica and I are destined for a workplace affair.

The Apple “iSomething” craze of the late 2000s has a lot of shit to answer for.

Ha, hahaha haha hahahahaha ha, haha, hahaha… *sigh* … I am a five year old.

I’ve taken to getting myself lost as of late.

As hobbies go it’s pretty unorthodox, but I’m finding it enjoyable all the same.

It started purely accidentally; one evening while out running I took three wrong turns in a row and discovered I didn’t recognise any of my surroundings. It took me the best part of an hour to find my way home again, but once I was back on familiar turf I realised I had discovered something while lost that I hadn’t anticipated - not so much a specific place, mind you, but the idea of one.

Despite having lived in Southampton on and off for the best part of a year now, I have much of the town left to explore. It doesn’t take me long to find myself in an unfamiliar part of town and once I do I press on further, searching for a specific type of street. They’re dotted around here and there and are instantly recognisable, not by look but by feel.

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Terrifying, glass-tipped penis creature in the EE shop window. What is this and how does it help sell me phones?

Feeling the spirit today. Even my beverage has the Stars and Stripes on it.

Where the heck is everyone?

Comic Con is just over a day away. I am ready.